Welcome all dog lovers...❤️ There are 10 quotes about dogs and my intention is to make you love your dog more. Firstly, I want to tell you about how dogs affect to our lives. If you have a dog already you will be grateful for having a wonderful life companion after reading this article. 

How dogs affect our lives ðŸ¾

Researches has found many ways how your lovely dog can affect your well-being. They are, 

  • Lower risk of allergies 
  • Reduce anxiety and stress 
  • Better heart health 
  • Stronger relationship and social skills 
  • Improved mental health 
  • Better sleep quality 

For more informationhttps://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/317738#6.-Better-sleep-quality

If you are a dog owner you are a blessed one to have unconditional love and everlasting loyalty. I think every home need a lovely dog to complete the family and home is not a home without a dog. If you can’t love them like a family member don’t get a dog because they are meant to be family. 

Quotes about dogs 🐾

quotes about dogs 1

Happiness is coming home and knowing your dog is there to greet you..

quotes about dogs2

When I am old and grey my step might be slower, I may not hear as well, I may not see as well, But my love for you will never grow old…

quotes about dogs3

He might only be a part of your life but for him you are his whole life..

quotes about dogs

Dogs never lie about love..

true love

True love is really exist.. Its in your dog’s eyes..

unconditional love

Dog is the best example for unconditional love…

warm pup

Happiness is having a warm lovely dog…

dogs love

When i needed a hand…I found your paw…

life is better with a dog

Life is better with a dog…

paw prints

Dogs leave paw prints in your heart…

dogs eyes

A lovely dogs eyes can tell you a thousand tales…

These are the best quotes I have created. Hope you will love your dog more and will understand how lucky you are…Thanks for reading..😊

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